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Speaking Engagements

Jaworski has delivered keynote addresses and topic presentations at client workshops and events on subjects including marketing, corporate strategy, and organizational development. All speaking engagements are tailored to the particular audience and specific needs of client companies and organizations. Drawing upon his background as a researcher, consultant, and business executive, as well as his experience as an award-winning classroom teacher, he works with organizations to create memorable, high-impact sessions that engage participants in moving forward on some of their most pressing challenges.


  • Keynote for members of an institute. The audience for this 1.5-hour presentation was senior business-to-business executives. The focus was on the intellectual agenda of the American Marketing Association.
  • Keynote for senior executives of a global industrial firm. This talk was designed for worldwide senior executives of a single industrial firm. It was focused on the nature of customer-driven companies. It included diagnostics was well as numerous client examples.
  • Keynote for the annual sales conference for Fortune 500 B2B firm. The attendees were the firm’s two hundred North American sales and marketing personnel. The focus was on the core principles of driving organic growth within business-to-business firms.
  • Keynote for annual marketing conference of a Fortune 500 life sciences firm. The two hundred fifty attendees were the firm’s worldwide marketing staff. The focus was on how to embed marketing principles within the firm.

Executive Education and Development

Jaworski has led executive learning programs aimed at developing skills and building organizational capabilities for many of the world’s leading companies. His clients include both business-to-business and business-to-consumer companies in financial services, consumer packaged goods, life sciences, and high tech and industrial manufacturing, among other industries. Every program is customized to the objectives of the organization, and classroom instruction is often combined with on-the-job, applied learning of concepts with intact work teams. While a main focus of his teaching is in his core research areas of marketing, Jaworski has also created and led programs on corporate strategy, strategic alliances, organizational simplification, effective communications, and pricing. He is also able to draw on the talents of a world-class team of educators and facilitators to help with the design, development, and delivery of larger programs.


  • Global strategy program for an industrial conglomerate. Jaworski was the faculty director for four years of a program focused on building global strategy for a Fortune 50 company. The program was delivered multiple times each year, in target developing economies such as Southeast Asia, South America, and the Middle East.
  • Leadership program for a leading biotechnology firm. Jaworski was the lead partner and designer of a highly customized five-day program for the top four hundred leaders of the firm (in cohorts of thirty). The program focused on four key leadership competencies identified by the CEO team. Several custom case and exercises were developed as well as significant pre and post assessments.
  • Strategy and leadership program for a top global medical device firm. Highly customized program focused on action learning projects. Projects were hand-picked by the CEO team and tightly integrated with the significant firm-wide initiatives. The second part of the program focused on leadership within the firm. This included assessments, coaching, and post-program activities.
  • Executive team and board off-site for professional services firm. This three day off-site focused on key issues facing the firm: structuring changes within the firm, a revisit of the firm strategy, discussion of the firm brand, and other key resource allocation decisions.
  • Drucker philosophy for a leading financial firm. This multi year program focused on learning the philosophy of Peter Drucker and applying it to the actions, commitments, and “operating philosophy” of the firm.

Advisory and Capability Building Services—Organic Growth

A center of gravity of Jaworski’s consulting and executive education efforts has been the multiyear embedment of market (or marketing) capabilities within a client organization. These efforts often take the form of pilot projects, deep training of all senior marketing executives globally, as well as programs for four or five population segments (for example, CEO teams, product teams, sales teams, support functions).


  • Leading high-technology firm. Over a multiyear period, Jaworski worked with twelve product teams (comprising marketing, sales, R&D, supply chain and other functions) to develop go-to-market strategies based on the Organic Growth Playbook principles and methods. We customized the core principles to fold into the overall market planning process for the firm. The program includes a blend of residential sessions followed by research and analysis. The general format was repeated over a four-month period, to enable to team to develop evidence-based market activation plans.
  • Market leader in medical devices and diagnostics. Over a three-year period, Jaworski embedded a market planning capability within all regions of the firm. This included training over four hundred executives globally. A core component of the program was a twelve-step market planning workbook that was implemented across the firm. Sessions were also held for senior leaders of the firm as well as the CEO team. He also developed a cadre of “marketing experts” who could support the rollout.
  • Leading business-to-business firm. Worked closely with the CMO, chief strategist, and several key executives to develop a highly customized marketing transformation. While the Organic Growth Playbook tools were the engine for the marketing planning process, Jaworski also folded in key tools and methods to support company-specific planning processes. For core market planning teams, there was a combination of classroom, coaching, application, market research, and executive support guide in team in the develop of their particular marketing plan.

Advisory Services: Broad Range of Management Issues

Jaworski has worked with senior executives in the marketing, learning and development, and strategy functions to help produce meaningful solutions to critical business challenges. This work typically involves information gathering and analysis, delivery of recommendations, and highly interactive workshops with top company leaders aimed at fostering alignment and action around key functional and organizational goals. Through the Jaworski Consulting Group, he calls on a number of experienced consultants and subject matter experts to staff projects with the right skills needed for the work.


  • Comprehensive redesign of leadership programs for a Fortune 20 firm. Over a two-year period, Jaworski worked with his team and the client team to redesign their three flagship executive leadership programs as well as many of their foundation leadership programs. The work included a number of workshops, design sessions, and briefings.
  • Design of a corporate university. In this engagement, the firm had a corporate university in place, however, there was a keen need for a redesign in the face of changing industry dynamics and firm strategy. The result of this effort was a core document that laid out the visions, strategy, and programs for the redesigned corporate university.
  • Design of an onboarding program for new graduates. For a global energy firm, Jaworski’s team designed an award-winning onboarding program for all new university and graduate hires. This was a global program ultimately delivered in all regions of the world.
  • Faculty dean of a corporate university. For several years, Jaworski served as the external dean of a corporate university focused heavily on strategy, marketing, and marketing communications. This involved broad workshops for a range of talent as well as deep dives to develop strategy and marketing plans for specific product teams.

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